Burns Bog Nature Walk
March 1st 2014
As part of Laura Piasta’s exhibition “Bog Breath”
Photo by Magni Borgehed


‘Kiss the Water’, A Documentary Film About Celebrated Fishing Fly Maker Megan Boyd

SD45 One is an exhibition that supports, embraces and showcases the vast range of Visual Arts in School District 45 – West Vancouver, and facilitates a broader vision of how art is experienced in our city. It allows viewers to appreciate the works of young and emerging artists from SD45 alongside established artists who were once educated in West Vancouver public schools.   The exhibition facilitates growth and further inquiry into the Visual Arts and will spark both viewers and students’ deeper interest and commitment to the Visual Arts.
The exhibition includes works by current and recently graduated SD45 students, staff and a selected group of internationally acclaimed artists who were once enrolled in the school district, and whose work will provide inspiration to young artists.
Artists included are: Douglas Coupland, Graham Gilmore, Ross Penhall, Ian Wallace, Geoffrey Farmer, Cori Creed, Victor Penner, Xwalacktun, Bobbie Burgers, Ken Wallace, Monique Mees, Tony Pantages and Vincent Massey among others.
The exhibition is organized by art educator Jackie Wong and is curated by Patrik Andersson.



Meg Callahan


Sam Griffin


By Blanca Miro 


Rice Straw Hand Brush


Adam Shaw and Logan Sturrock
Staging Economy
Sunset Terrace
January 2014


Prism Nightlight, A Light That Is Turned On and Off by Pivoting It Like a Seesaw



Saturday, February 22nd | Beehive Hair Lounge | 3904 Fraser, Vancouver | 8pm-1am | Cash bar

Hope to see you there!


Text messages from #BarryMcGee


Mark Delong
Eagles, One Bald and One Concavely Bald with Irregular Beak, 2013
Wood stain on wood
12’ x 20” & 20” x 16”
Estimated Market Value: $4,000
Mark DeLong (b. 1978, New Brunswick) is a self-taught artist. His work has been exhibited at Colette, Paris; Bee Studios, Tokyo; Spencer-Brownstone Gallery, New York; Abel Neue Kunst Gallery, Berlin; Perugi Art Contemporenea, Padova, Italy; Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto; LES Gallery, Vancouver; Little Cakes, New York; and COOPER COLE, Toronto. DeLong currently lives and works in Vancouver.


Kim Kennedy Austin: Boy Band Buddha
Opens this Friday at Chernoff Fine Art
265 East 2nd Ave, Vancouver
Friday February 7, 7-10pm